Howdy, I'm Jonnie

I write and I'm persuasive.

One day, I realized I could put the two together and I made a superpower

I use it for the greater good by providing podcasters, small businesses and entrepreneurs with  compelling content needed to attract visitors and convert them into loyal fans and customers.

B2C Blogger | Copywriter | Podcast Show Notes Marketing Strategist

My podcast notes:
My techniques make magic by transforming notes into marketing machines.
I make sure you get the most out of all of your show prep.
My B2C blog articles:
specialize in effective ways to engage online visitors and boost traffic your website. Specialty topics include:  
Alternative Health
My copywriting:
Relays your business tone and appeal to your target audience.
I ensure your business makes the right impressions with the right expressions.

All aligned with your online marketing strategy.


So, if you're ready to go on this fantastic voyage, I'd be good with you breaking out in Peter Frampton and telling me to show you the way

  • 10+ years in broadcasting

  • 15+ years creatively writing

  • 6 years in promotions (event, music, radio)

  • 2 Internships: Editorial & Radio

  • Published on San Diego's #1 Lifestyle & Entertainment website and publication as well as ghostwritten blog posts on various business websites

  • 3.5 years in radio commercial copywriting & traffic

  • 100% acceptance rate (Ghostwritten content)

  • 2 years experience copywriting interview content for  media entertainment company and college radio show 

How do I know what I'm doing?



Three reasons...

1. I have a deep appreciation for personal development — one very near and dear to my ♥
2. Let's face it — there's a HUGE gap (and not the space between thoughts) in the market for high-quality content writers who specialize in the personal development space! 
3.  It's an industry with an audience sensitive to specific concepts and language that resonates with them. And I know how to speak it. So I'd like to help you help them (I could be your "Jonnie Maguire")


"If you don't make the money, you can't sustain the message! "Brendon Burchard