My Zone of Genius

Heart-centered content for the personal development space

We both have a mission to create meaningful change through transformation.

I do it with a pen, you do it with your presence.

My love and appreciation for personal development ignites a special place in my heart to help coaches, mentors, counselors, health & wellness pros and the like connect with a world in desperate need of their gifts.  


My online content is designed to help changemaking entrepreneurs connect with their audience, attract more clients and make an impact with their message.


  • Optimized website copy that plays nice with Google, speaks to your ideal prospects and spotlights your offers as their perfect solution.

  • Blog posts packed with valuable content your audience will adore you for. Position yourself as an authority, build trust with your tribe and convert skeptics into believers.

  • Emails that effectively build relationships with your audience, keep you top of mind and educate prospects on your products and services. 

I know your prospects because I am your prospect — who just happens to be a kickass copywriter.

And because you can't do everything on your own...

"If you don't make the money, you can't sustain the message! "Brendon Burchard