"Why Fit In When You Were Born to Stand Out?"

-Dr. Seuess

Good Content Strategy

 In the Online Marketing Galaxy,

Good Content Strategy is the rocket ship that flies your business to Planet Success.

The most efficient way to get there is by supercharging  your rocket with creative content fuel.

I know just where you can get some...

creative content fuel

Copy conversion & editing:

Copywriting requires some skillful translating.

I take bland, complicated or wordy info and make it not that way.  


Web page content:

bios, product descriptions, "about" pages— 

Each page has their own unique format and contextual style.

This requires homework and research...both of which I pay extra special attention to because the more I know,

the more I help your business grow. 


Blogging/blog post editing:

I create original content for blog posts and align it with your business marketing goals.

Trying to push a new product or add an item to a pre-existing service package?

I can do it in a way that promotes and converts without the spammy feel (which can be a total buzzkill).  

I also edit previously published/existing content, updating it with time-relevant info, SEO and links.



It's like having your own speechwriter.

This process involves an interview with you (so I can naturalize content) and noting core information to be included.

It's how I started out freelancing and consider it a specialty. 


Podcast Show Notes


So basically I managed to consolidate all of my knowledge, experience, and background in radio and writing into one niche-ready package.

I also sprinkled in my love for podcasts.

I listen to a podcast episode, take basic to detailed notes on everything that made the episode fantastic and I either hand those notes on back to you or I decorate the content with pretty things.

I ensure you get the most marketing magic out of all of the time and prep you put into each show with my SEO friendly show note/blog post hybrids. 


Soon to come...Scriptwriting

One day, I became aware enough to realize I was unaware of who I was.


I know. I sound like I'm off my rocker (which I won't deny). But let me drop this sweet backstory bomb on you..


I navigated through life making choices based on other's voices. I accepted life as neverending compromises, endless sacrifices, and unconditional servitude to others. It's what I knew and what I saw around me.


 I never knew I wasn't putting myself first. My perception of self-love was the idea that as long I wasn't hurting myself, I loved me. I would have never thought so much of the suffering in my life was from supression of real self. But I had to unearth me first. 

I had no self-love, not even the concept of it.

I had been awareness deficient afflicted with a sort of unconscious for every moment up until then.

There are curses and blessings to

 what I stood for, what I wanted. I was con That ignited my quest to change it. I went into full blown self detective mode. and  that you're the source of 99% of your own pain?

I didn’t miss my show. I was just late to my own party. Doesn’t mean you can’t make it up at the after-party.

"If you don't make the money, you can't sustain the message! "Brendon Burchard