The Raw Truth About How I Got Started Writing Copy For The Personal Development Space

Here's the truth about how I got started writing web copy for the personal development space, specifically for life coaches:

In 2014, one burned copy of a Tony Robbins DVD triggered my personal development avalanche.

I couldn’t learn enough about myself and the concepts behind why we do what we do. My worldview shifted as well as how I viewed myself. Now, by no means was my self love anywhere near a healthy level — but at the least, it wasn’t in the red.

After untying massive knots and making serious strides, I was gifted with awareness and intolerance of the things that didn’t love me back.

I called off my engagement to a man I knew wasn’t right for me, quit my soulsucking job and fell back on the only skill I knew was potent enough to sustain me...


Initially, my plan was to start a personal development blog to inspire and empower others to follow in my footsteps. I’d monetize through affiliates, courses and ebooks. But it would take months, at minimum, before seeing any significant return from my blogging ventures.

I needed to find a “real” part time gig that would generate cash flow quickly.

Podcasts were something I knew well. The media world in general really. I studied radio and television broadcasting in college, interned a few semesters at my favorite alternative rock station, spent a few years interviewing the local movers and shakers in front of a camera and worked as a radio traffic coordinator for 3.5 years.

Yeah. Cool resumè bro. But nothing about any of that screams writing credibility.

I knew I couldn’t cannonball into the competitive waters of freelance copywriting just yet. As far as anyone was concerned, I was a piddly pollywog — bound to be overlooked. So I baited my line and cast myself into the content mill pond as a podcast show notes writer and got my first two bites.

One, a digital marketer and mentor, the other a business coach. Both B2B and about to launch their very first podcasts. Blind leading the blind? Maybe. But I’d never take back the invaluable lessons both taught me. In their own ways of course.

It wasn’t long before I dismissed my personal development blog as a hobby that would get me nowhere. There was no way I’d make a living writing about my personal life and journey.

Besides, self-help is one heavily saturated marketplace. My passion shuffled to the backburner, where my “maybe somedays” go to die. I left it to petrify with the rest of my dormant and uncharted dreams.

The quest to find my nook in the writing world continued. I was stuck in career and life. Directionless, clueless on how to be my own boss, what to write about, who to write for, what to write.

Exhausted and overwhelmed. Navigating an unfamiliar world on your own wears down even the most determined of entrepreneurs — or whatever I was. I was free but simultaneously immovable. Conflicted, torn, second guessing the decision that brought to that spot in the first place.

When you’re not living to your fullest potential, you know.

The universe has perfected the art of bringing it to your attention with Vegas-like signage.

I was doing what got me by. Not what filled me up.

Thanks to meditation, it had been almost 2 years since my last buffet of antidepressants. But the demon of depression had inched its way up my spine, and now tapping my shoulder, waiting for a clear shot to gavel my soul with a mallet.

I had no desire to return to that dark place I fought so hard to get out of.

Looking for inspiration, I double dosed my podcast intake. They’d always served as a northstar of sorts.

And that’s when I found two podcasts.

Two podcast hosts that got me. They were on my mother effing level. Untangling web after web. Inspiring epic internal excavations.

And whaddya know. They both happened to be life coaches.

Episode after episode, their words offered hope and solace.

“If they could do this much for me via podcast, what could a real coach do for me!?”

What an appetizing thought.

And so began my hunt for a coach. An accountability partner. They didn't have to be an expert in everything. Just what mattered to me. Someone with the gift of perspective, able to shed light on my blind spots. I craved clarity. I was over not being who I knew I could be. Perusing hundreds of websites, social profiles, and blogs, truthfully, with only that criteria in mind.

What I was really looking out for was common ground and relatability. Maybe the type who could recite every line in Clueless out loud. Or looked like she’d been to a few Warped Tours in her day. We’d get along something fierce.

But none of them prompted swoonage.

To be fair, my personal research lost the battle to the copywriting marketer in me.

So many websites left me either confused or uninspired. And it got me thinking about how many brilliant people in the personal development industry aren’t connecting with help seekers because they struggle with writing and online marketing.

Seriously. Think about that for a sec...

Understanding the inner workings of your audience is the only way to create content powerful enough to resonate with them. But what if you're not a writer?

  • What if you're the badassiest coach ever but struggle translating your value into text on a screen? (yeah — not easy)

  • How will anyone know you can help if it can't be conveyed in a way that speaks to them?

  • How will you contribute value to their lives and earn their trust using the tools you have online?

You're probably the best investment your clients will ever make but they have to decide for themselves. They need to know, like and trust you before they consider taking the leap to hire you.

I get it though. Like many entrepreneurs, you either lack the inclination, time or know-how.

And that’s when it clicked.

I can help everyone. Help-seekers, you, me.

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I know your prospects because...

I am your prospect…

Who just happens to be a kickass copywriter.

Who better to write for the industry?

You transform the world with your presence. I do it with a pen (MacBook Pro didn't pack the same punch). You’re at your best when you’re interacting and engaging with your clients. And I’m at mine when I’m writing. I’ve got the background, the passion, the knowledge and skills to connect problems with solutions.

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