The area I live in is notorious for having awful radio stations — or at least a lack of decent ones. Satellite radio and podcasts have done an excellent job of filling in the gaps. But most of the time, you'll catch me plugged into a podcast.

Without a doubt, it's my favorite learning tool. In fact, it practically saved my freelance writing career.

So when I became more involved in taking charge to improve my life, I naturally gravitated toward podcasts whose message really resonated with me and offered the most insight and support on my journey.

I had at least 15 podcasts in constant rotation but a few stand out above the rest. Here are the podcasts that had the biggest impact and inspired a better me.


This show has lead to more a-ha moments than I can count.

Each week, life coach and author Christine Hassler has a live on-air coaching session with a caller desperate for guidance to overcome a very personal obstacle in their life.

I can always find a way to relate to the caller in some way— which makes virtually every show a friggin' gem.

Topics addressed include:

  • Relationships

  • Transitions

  • Health

  • Career

  • Life purpose

  • Spirituality

[If someone asked me which of those I needed assistance with, I'd say "yes please."]

It's personal and encouraging to hear a real person with real challenges start at deflated and defeated and finish at optimistic and motivated. Christine rocks it by giving practical advice and actionable tips to make it easier than ever to apply it to your own life.

And get this — each episode's show notes are like mini mental worksheets that walk you through ways to implement her tips. She even offers guided meditations through her podcast channel.

"Over and On With It"gets a gold star for showing major listener love.

THEME: Advice, coaching, life-improvement

START HERE: "68: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Fear with Anneke"



Tara Brach (pronounced "Brock") is the swiss army knife of mindfulness. As a meditation teacher, psychologist, author and speaker, she tackles the mind from all ends.

In other words, she's legit.

This magnificent podcast makes her valuable insight available to the masses. What a stand-up gal!

Most of her talks address topics like self-limiting beliefs and emotional wounds — issues that stunt personal growth and distract you from living a joyful life. Some have guided mini-meditations baked right in to help you identify core wounds.

(Sometimes, they like to play hide-n-seek, don't they?)

You can also listen to her popular full-guided meditations and insightful retreat talks.

Now go see for yourself why Brach rocks.

THEME: Mindfulness meditation, emotional healing, spiritual awakening

START HERE: "Real But Not True: Freeing Ourselves from Harmful Beliefs"



Jess made her journey her message and has inspired thousands of others with it. She's interviewed some of the top thought leaders in the personal development realm.

But that's not her crowning glory.

Jess is raw and real. Always has been. She talks about her struggle with PCOS, self-worth, eating issues, and relationships — and her chill-worthy epiphanies.

After a divorce, she ditched her comfort zone to travel the world with no round trip ticket back to the states. That's a courageous woman on one serious self-discovery mission. You learn not only from her but with her, as she continues her indefinite adventure around the world.

Jess is an advocate for using intuition and intention to help you lead a more fulfilling life.

Episode topics range from business and travel tips to mindfulness and self-love. Ideal for anyone who's real about adding more flow and alignment to their lives.

Theme: Wellness, self-discovery, spirituality, business

Recommendation: "How to Change Negative Thought Patterns and Understand the Ego with Brooke Castillo"



Originally, this was supposed to be Lilith Fair of podcast lists. Total estrogen fest. Women only.

— BUT —

Not including TMHS would rob yous of serious value. So forget Paula, Sarah, and Liz (if you were born after 1990, ignore the last 3 sentences).

It's not your typical fitness show about the best sweat-proof makeup to wear while Instagramming at the gym (is that even a thing?)

This is a fitness and lifestyle podcast done properly. Straight up. One that emphasizes mental and emotional health as often as it does physical.

Host Shawn Stevenson is determined to improve the health and lives of his listeners. There's hardly a topic he won't discuss in order to do that. From weight loss, exercise, sex, and hormones to emotional intelligence and self-love.

Just to prove how diverse his show really is, get a loada some of his past guests:

  • John Gray

  • Arianna Huffington

  • Lewis Howes

  • Michael Hyatt

  • John Lee Dumas

  • Bob Proctor

Shawn and co-host Jade aim to enlighten and entertain.

I mean — this show is fun.

Shawn drops movie quotes (if you're a fan of comedies, you'll fit right in) and cracks himself up with his Schwarzenegger impersonations. Check out his personal transformation story for some extra motivation.

You can watch his episodes on Youtube. Personally, I like to watch them in the morning to get me all pumped for the gym or just the day. As an added bonus, my dude has no choice but to listen while he gets ready for work. (Muhahahaha.)

Play video to try and guess what whitening toothpaste Shawn uses.

Oh, and did I mention TMHS ranks #1 in the Health and Fitness categories on iTunes?

THEME: Health, Fitness, Nutrition

START HERE: "The Mind-Body Healing Connection and the Power of Movement Meditations - with Tristan Truscott"



Part of the beauty of a podcast is being part of a tribe of listeners who are after the same things you are. They get you and you get them. The world doesn't seem like such a lonely place.

So connect with them.

Leave comments on the podcast's website that tell your story. Reach out to the hosts via email and let them know how much they've inspired you on your journey. Join their Facebook groups. Leave your truth on their iTunes reviews (they just might read them on the air)...

Put yourself out there and make creating new connections part of your growth and transformation.


What podcasts do you listen to that inspire and motivate you?

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